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Circles Of Time - Phillip Rock Circles in Time begins in 1921, continuing the story of American journalist Martin Rilke and the Grevilles of Abingdon Pryory. The Great War might be over, although not everyone came home (sniff!). The world as they knew it is forever changed, social barriers between the elite and the working class are breaking down. The great estates are suffering from years of neglect, and even if one does have the money to restore them, where do you get the staff to keep them running? I really don't want to get into more storyline detail, to do so would spoil events at the end of the first book in this trilogy, The Passing Bells. The main focus though is on Martin's career as a journalist, and he eventually ends up in pre-Nazi Germany, giving the reader a close up look at a country foundering to rebuild. A very good read, although not quite as compelling as The Passing Bells, but then I didn't need as many tissue either.