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Wind Off the Small Isles - Mary Stewart This short novella (just under 100 pages) is set in 1968. Perdita West is secretary to author Cora Gresham, and they've come to Lanzarote Island, (part of the Canary Islands chain) to pick up some inspiration for Gresham's latest book. Since it's such a short story, I don't want to give any further details, but like any Stewart book there's a heroine in peril, a bit of insta-love, plus a twist on a pair of lovers who ran away from the island in 1879. The island setting was superb, as always Stewart makes you feel like you're right there. I hadn't heard of Lanzarote before, but I'd love to go and see this little gem of volcanic wasteland. Great picture gallery at the Wiki page here.This book is very hard to find and very expensive, but a huge thanks to the members of the Mary Stewart group for hunting down a copy in an old issue of Goodhousekeeping Magazine and scanning it for us. Loved the artwork: