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Summerset Abbey: Book One

Summerset Abbey - T.J. Brown This is a tough one to review, and in the end I find I'm agreeing 100% Erin's review and can't add much more except for the mystery of the older Earl/Duke:On page 43 the girls observe a giant portrait of their grandfather the eighth duke. Yet, their uncle (the son of the old *duke*) is the Earl of Summerset. Late in the book on page #213, the grandfather is "the old earl" and on page #282 he is "the late Earl of Summerset". Note: I have a finished copy from the library and not an ARC. I did enjoy this, I just felt that the character development could have been fleshed out a bit more, it just didn't feel like a complete. From the author's bio on the GR page, it appears this is the first in a trilogy, so perhaps things might flesh out more in the next two books. A bit of a surprise twist at the end, and not quite what I expected...