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The Herron Heritage - Janice Young Brooks 3.5 starsFrom the author's website:"The Herron Heritage- a modern version of the King Arthur story."Anthony was born in difficult circumstances and the doctors claimed he'd never live more than a few days, and if he did live he'd be a vegetable. To spare his wife further pain, Max Herron had Anthony declared dead and buried while he was secreted off to a private hospital. Well, he not only lived, he wasn't a vegetable and there were other too-hard-to-explain complications and the baby stayed a secret, was adopted by foster parents and raised at their remote cattle ranch, with a wise old mentor (Merlin) to tutor him. Anthony Wentworth thrived, graduated Harvard at eighteen and ready to take on the world - and what a surprise when old Max Herron dies and leaves everything to him (and Max decides to give most of it to charity work). The rest of the Herrons are pretty darned surprised too, and they'll go to any lengths to get it back. This being a take on the Arthurian legends and all, you can pretty much guess where a lot of this goes, so I'll cut this review short. This is a fairly good read, and kind of refreshing to have something with a 70s/80s setting (lots of flashbacks with mentions of Watergate and what not). Things did wear a bit thin at the end, it began to feel like the author was trying to fit square pegs into round holes trying to make all the plot twists fit to the old legends. This was only published in the UK, so it's fairly HTF, but if you're interested and find it at the thrift store or a library sale it's a fairly easy way to spend a rainy weekend afternoon.