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Maria (Florida Trilogy, #1) - Eugenia Price St. Augustine, 1763. Spain and England have settled their differences (right!), so the Spanish are leaving St. Augustine for Havana and the English are leaving Havana for Florida, including Maria and her husband David. Maria is a skilled midwife, and her services are much in demand and bring in a hefty profit - profit that an ambitious Maria plans to use to increase their wealth and lifestyle (David's just a soldier after all). The future looks bright at first, but events happen to forever alter Maria's life, plus there's this little issue with a revolutionary war - even if most of the confrontations are far to the north, the residents of St. Augustine are affected. This was a fairly good read, albeit a bit dry in places, but it was refreshing to get a historical novel set in colonial Florida - I can't recall coming across the setting before (lots of new to me factoids). I hadn't realized until the notes at the end that Maria Evans was a real life historical character, and the house featured in the book is still standing. You can read more here, although be warned that you might be spoiling yourself by reading further. There is a strong religious element in Price's writing, and although it is suited towards her characters and the times, it is an element that might not appeal to every reader. YMMV. Apparently this book is the first in a trilogy, but this stands alone and doesn't leave you hanging with the need to move immediately onto the next book.