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The Beach House - Terry A. Davis This is a very short story (14 pages according to the Amazon page), kind of a Jack and Jill get in the car, drive to the beach, stay at a nice hotel and do touristy things while there. They go to the pool, have dinner, visit an island/nature preserve, have taffy and more stuff like that.How to rate this? There really isn't much of a story, characterization, or much of anything to keep a reader interested. That said, I would strongly urge the author to find an editor or someone to proofread his/her work. I got this as a freebie (why was it on the historical fiction lists at Amazon?), but it appears the regular asking price is $2.99, and that is $2.99 too much for such poor grammar and punctuation, let alone lack of story. "She does not like her job per say.""They’re food arrives and they eat ravishingly.""As they walk towards the beatnik looking guy with long hair pulled back into a pony tale, with cut off shorts and a tank top on."“Let’s go to the Thompsons Island Site that sounds interesting."I rest my case.