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Fierce Eden - Jennifer Blake The girl: Elise Laffont, not one of the original casquette girls (she came on a later ship), and when she arrived in Louisiana she was married off to a brute of an older man (thankfully now dead). She's more than happy to work the land left by her husband and isn't interested in shopping for another spouse anytime soon (sex with hubby #1 was pretty bad).The guy: Reynaud Chavalier. His mother was Natchez, his father a French Comte. Educated in France, he was sent home to Louisiana with a nice fat inheritance from his father. Reynaud's had an eye for the beautiful young widow for some time, and jumps at the opportunity to rescue Elise and a few other survivors after a brutal raid by the Natchez. Let's just say Reynaud's conditions for getting everyone to safety are a wee bit unusual and raise a few eyebrows - especially Elise's. That's all I'll say - read it for your self. This was a bit different from Blake's usual formula, with the heroine being widowed (usually they're virginal), and no forced seduction (a common trope for those older romances). I don't want to say how it comes about, but a goodly portion of the story takes place with the Natchez in their village, with Elise living with and interacting with Reynaud's family and fellow tribesmen. I thought that was a refreshing change - but be warned - there are a lot of details on the history of the Natchez and customs, as well as details of daily living, and that might not suit every read. YMMV.While I did enjoy this, I didn't warm up to this couple like I have with other JB couples. I also found a lot of typos (conversion errors?), and for that I'm dropping the rating down to three stars. Thumbs up to the author for getting her old books out in digital format, but perhaps there's been too big of a rush and could use one or two more proof reads before putting them on the marketplace.