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Goodbye, Desperado - Kathy Clark "After all, that was why he was here, in Nowhere, Colorado, spending time with a horse who wanted him dead and a woman who wanted him deader."Matt Montana is a popular writer of western novels, but writer's block has hit him hard and he decides to get out of the big city (Chicago, I think it was), and get him some real cowboy experience at a the Rocky K Ranch in southwest Colorado. Well, things don't go too smoothly for our city slicker (what kind of fool rents a sports car for back country roads in Colorado's back-o-beyond?) and his first meeting with Jamie Kimball, the gal who runs the place with her dad (pops is a huge Matt Montana fan), is a big disaster. Matt's hot to get into Jamie's pants, so he keeps on trying to impress her." For a moment he considered telling her that he'd never touched a horse in his whole life, but as he watched her urge Stormy toward the barn, then dismount in one fluid motion, he decided it didn't look so difficult. After all, he could drive a powerful sports car and sail a yacht. How different could it be to sit on a saddle and steer a horse?" *yawn*Sorry, but this just fell a bit flat. Neither characters are very likeable, but Matt definitely won't win many fans. Granted this was written in the early 90s, but his MCP mindset is a bit too much to swallow. If you're bored, it's free and you have nothing else to read I guess it's worth a couple of hours of time. Otherwise, give it a miss.