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The Hearth and Eagle - Anya Seton Only for Die Hard Seton fans (and I am one). This book is the story of the Honeyman family of Marblehead, Massachusetts. It follows them from their original trip to Marblehead from England with the Winthrop ships in the 17th century to the early 20th century and their inn, The Hearth and Eagle. I have to admit being confused at first as to whom the story was about, as the book started in the mid 19th century, then flashed back to the 17th century and back again. There were so many references to other Honeymans, that I wasn't sure if there were going to be more flashbacks to tell those stories. There weren't, the main focus of the story is Hesper from her childhood through her marriages and her children, and most importantly about the town of Marblehead and its quirky characters and history. While Seton's research and writing are impeccable as always, I would only recommend this for die-hard Seton fans or for those interested in reading about the history and characters of Marblehead. Honestly, I just couldn't get that enthralled with Hesper's story; it just wasn't that interesting for me. I recommend you get this from the library first, and then if you love it, buy it. Three stars, but a gorgeous new cover,