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The Buccaneers - Edith Wharton, Marion Mainwaring The St. George and Elmsworth families are *new money* and looking for brighter prospects for their daughters in the marriage market so they hie off to England looking for Dukes and Earl with aging homes in need repairs that only cold hard cash can bring them. The young ladies make their splash, make their marriages and then no surprise, have to lie in those beds that they've made for themselves. Some are successful, others not so - despite a very promising beginning. "But it's rather lonely sometimes, when the only things that seem real are one's dreams."I really did enjoy this a lot, and Wharton excels as always at her descriptions of society's quirks and restrictions. This was Wharton's last novel, which was finished off by Marion Mainwaring based on plot outlines left by Wharton. I definitely noticed a difference towards the end where MM stepped in to finish, and like other reviews some of the first 2/3 don't have quite the polished feel of Wharton's earlier work. Still, fans of Wharton and this topic (American heiresses in London) should definitely give this one a go. Just don't expect The Age of Innocence or The House of Mirth.