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The Settlers (The Australians, Vol. 2) - William Stuart Long The Settlers is the second book in a long series on the founding of Australia. This book continues the story of Jenny Taggert, now free from her convict status, but she (and others) bear the stigma of it and are shunned by the free settlers now arriving. The new colony struggles with the land, as well as the growing power and corruption of the military, who cares for little except making a quick buck. I did enjoy this for the most part, especially when it focused on Jenny and her relationships with the two men she met in the first book, but the storyline sprawled a bit too much at times. I'm not terribly fond of reading about ships and battles at sea, and found myself skimming a bit whenever the story switched to that of Jenny's lost lover(s). I did appreciate learning about the corruption in the new government and the military, at times I thought that went on too long as well. There were just too many of them and too many names to keep track of. It looks like book three moves on to the next generation and Jenny's children, and I do plan to continue reading this series.