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Analise - Lisa Gregory, Candace Camp Warning: spoilers ahoy.“… the iron-willed Mark Schaeffer, the man who treats her like pirate booty and possesses her with a jealous fury.”I should have heeded those words from the back jacket and put the book back on the shelf, but fool that I was…Union officer Mark Shaeffer has been assigned the super-secret mission of masquerading as a Confederate officer to get military secrets out of Analise Caldwell’s father, and wooing the beauteous Analise is the perfect way to get his foot in the door. They share a steamy kiss at the party where they meet, and hot sex and insta-love after he’s managed to steal the plans and location for the torpedoes her father’s invented. He gets away and the weapons are destroyed by the Yankees, and enter the first Big Misunderstanding. How could he declare twu-wuv and then do this? FF to the Yankees occupying New Orleans and the Big Misunderstanding continues unabated, and gets worse when Analise’s half-brother is found in the Caldwell home and arrested as a Confederate spy. Analise throws herself at Mark and offers herself as a bribe to let her brother go, but she forgets to let the jealous Mark know that Emil is her brother and the Big Misunderstanding continues as Mark assumes he’s her lover and instead of offering her marriage he’ll *let* her be his mistress. Of course, neither can up and speak their true feelings and the Big Misunderstanding continues as Analise finds she’s pregnant and fears Mark will loathe her and send her away. How will she support herself and the babe? Her southern family and friends cut her off when she became his mistress. Warning: plenty of mental analyzing ahead for both Mark and Analise.In the end, they finally resolve their issues and marry, but Mark’s been reassigned to Maryland and since no one will receive her in New Orleans, she’s shipped off to his father’s home in New York. They both write letters of twu-wuv and all, but Mark’s evil sister steals the letters so of course there’s this Big Misunderstanding and more mental analyzing of every freaking detail until Analise decides her marriage is over and she gets a job and moves out. No surprise, but her employer is single handsome male which of course leads to another Big Misunderstanding when Mark’s home on leave and he assumes The Worst.Mark throws himself into the battlefield like a man with a death wish, and comes home seriously wounded in both body and spirit. Of course he still loves Analise, but he’s too bitter and jealous and hides it all behind the whiskey bottle. Analise thinks he hates her, and her pride won’t let her say those three words that might fix it. A new doc thinks there’s hope for Mark in a warmer climate and therapy for his atrophied limbs and the story returns to New Orleans. The Big Misunderstandings continue, and this is where I really began to loathe Mark more than I did the rest of the novel (and I loathed him a lot in this book) because of this attitude towards having sex with other women and not his wife:“Damn it, I am a man not a statue. I need release.”Ugh. Only recommended for readers who like whiny, pig-headed, jealous jerks for heros.