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Golden Fancy - Jennifer Blake 3.5 starsSince she had known this man, she had been assaulted, nearly raped, subjected to public humiliation, and robbed of everything she owned. She had been hounded and harassed, held up to scorn, charged with vile accusations, branded with foul names, and threatened with acts of violence. Her life had been endangered, she had been harried and attacked, chased down, her horses and carriage taken from her, her clothing shredded, and her pride and modesty stripped away as dozens of strange men had prodded and handled her...Rage boiled up inside her, bringing color to her cheeks and a militant look to her eyes.Golden Fancy begins in 1893 (I think that was the year, too lazy to go back and check). Serena Walsh headed west via wagon train with her parents in hopes of striking it rich in the latest gold strike in Colorado (couldn't afford going via rail, so they signed on with a group of Mormons heading west). Her parents died along the way, leaving her in the care of Mormon Elder Greer who lusts after the beauteous Serena and wants to make her bride #4 (or is that #5?). The lusty elder gets a wee bit carried away and though she's able to fight Greer off, she's banished from the train with only a few personal belongings (they took her wagon and furnishings away). Alone in the wilderness, she stumbles across gambler Ward Dunbar and he brings her first to Colorado City and then Cripple Creek, where he runs a gambling hall. Ward decides to *keep* Serena as his mistress, and she's pretty much stuck as if she did (or could) leave, with no money or friends she'd just end up in a crib or as another man's mistress.So she stays with Ward, but life isn't all peachy since his partner Pearlie is none too thrilled with this new arrangement and she doesn't waste time when Ward has to head to Denver for a few days on business. She's a mean 'un. Serena also catches the eye of mining millionaire Nathan Benedict, the evil Elder Greer sticks around to cause more trouble, and there's also a jack the ripper like character offing local prostitutes..I'm a fan of Jennifer Blake, so I'm always happy to find her older ones at the library sales when I spot them, and this one didn't disappoint. I like Colorado settings a lot, and while I've only visited the CO Springs/ Cripple Creek area twice, the author seemed to have a good feel for the historical setting, and from her notes at the end she did spend some time there getting a feel for things. One plus with Blake is that she's got a good knack for imparting to the reader the smaller details of the historical period she's writing about - you don't just jump out of those clothes in a couple of seconds (let alone get back into them without a maid). I didn't find this quite as steamy as other Blake novels I've read, but I do want to caution potential readers that this was written in 1980 and it does have the *forced seduction* trope that was very popular back than. It wasn't an alpha a-hole male kind of forced seduction, but it is there none the less. There are readers who can't get past them, hence the warning.