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Fields of Battle - Kate Alexander "There's no point in your falling in love with what you remember from five years ago..."Barney Wainwright is out for a night on the town with a fellow soldier and he meets one of the local girls, Rilla Gray. Rilla is young and impressionable and to-the-manor-born Barney charms her right into the back seat of his car for a brief fling. An altogether pleasant affair, but it turns out to be one with consequences - and Barney is obligated to marry her before he's packed off to join the troops in France (no spoiler, that's on the jacket). Virtual strangers when they were married (and pretty darned young at that), Barney and Rilla have a tough road to travel as events keep them apart for long periods of time, and when they are reunited:"You keep telling me you're changed and yet you don't seem to be able to believe that I'm different too."Despite the jacket cover promising Barney's involvement in the French Resistance movement, that isn't the main focus of the story; just as much is centered on how events in Europe affect those left at home (oh, those never-ending bombs). I thought it was interesting watching the changing relationship between the two as historical events and an ex-girlfriend or two scheme to keep them apart. My favorite parts were Rilla's story as she had to live her personal life in limbo until the war is over and her husband either comes home or he doesn't; and when he does, they are both so changed it's like starting over again. Or are they so changed they can't start over again? There were a few moments when I wanted to strangle Barney and his male ego, but he won me over in the end. A very worthwhile read, and one I'm glad I spotted during my latest trolls of the book sales.