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To Share A Dream - Willo Davis Robert Christina, Roxanne and Megan are all daughters of the Earl of Kenwood (via different mothers), although Roxanne comes from the wrong side of the blanket. The Lady Jacobina is the Earl's latest wife, and now that she's produced a male heir she's plotting to off her husband and get rid of her hated step-daughters by arranging most unsuitable marriages. The girls are having none of that, and they don't see any way out of their predicament except to sign on as indentured servants and strike up a new life in Massachusetts Bay colony. They have a good bit of luck when they are sold off to one man, and while he's a kind master, he's got two daughter-in-laws from hell and they're not too thrilled with three pretty woman in their Puritan household. Witch hunting fever is high in the colony, and it doesn't take long for the three to attract the wrong kind of attention and the hunt is on...OK, despite some credulity stretching moments here and there, this was a fairly good read and I had a hard time putting it down. This is a hard book to nail down to any one genre - while there's a romantic element to it, there's not that much romance, and any sex that you do get is pretty tame by today's standards. And while it does have a historical setting, it's a wee bit too modern at times, as are the mindsets of the girls - not too much, but enough that might put off those looking for a serious novel set during the witch hunts. All in all, a lighter romance with a bit of action adventure and ship wrecks at sea with a tidy HEA at the end. Not great, but not bad either.