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Wild Rose - Mary Canon Just shy of sixteen, Rose Marie Jacquard is the belle of Charleston and the apple of her daddy's eye, but tragedy strikes and she and her younger sister Catherine (Cat) go to live with their aunt in Washington City. Fast forward a few years, and Rose is attracting men left and right, but the only man for her is Bram Darcy. Problem is, he's a Yankee and a soldier loyal to the Union and once ol' Abe Lincoln gets elected things start heating up a bit. Can their love survive?I found this to be a pretty standard Civil War romance, following the standard North/South conflicts keeping the pair of lovers apart. I really didn't warm up much to the relationship between Rose and Bram, and the sex was just sex without any real chemistry. Rose did seem to have a bit too much freedom for a woman of her period and social standing, it was a bit of a stretch to believe she could call on a single man at his home without a chaperon (and stayed for hours at that) and no one raised an eyebrow? Not bad if you're a Civil War junkie in the mood for a lighter romance (nice big font!), but not great either.