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Forever in My Heart - Jo Goodman SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS. You have been warned.The guy: Connor Holiday has just won big at cards and has all the money he needs to buy title to the family ranch in Colorado from his father (who needs cash and is ready to sell it to Maggie's father for railroad right of way). Conner leaves the card game drunk and in need of a woman and lands at the same parlor house Maggie's in, and he's sent to her room by mistake. A drugged up Maggie thinks he's the doctor and does what she's told. It's a long story, but she passes out and Connor wakes some hours later to find Maggie's hands and mouth all over him. Best sex of his life, that is until Maggie disappears and so does his bundle of cash he so desperately needs.The girl: Mary Margaret (Maggie) Dennehy, daughter of a New York mega tycoon, accidentally wanders into the red-light district whilst playing treasure hunt with her sister (don't ask, just don't ask). After being accosted, drugged and bruised by an evil pimp, she's rescued by a local madam, given a healthy shot of laudanum and tucked safely into bed and a doctor on the way to see to her injuries.Sooooooooooooooo, out of money and ideas to keep the ranch Connor's father suggests a marriage that will bring it title to the ranch (please don't ask me to explain how that works). Imagine Connor's surprise when his bride turns out to be the "whore" who he thinks stole his money. Imagine Maggie's surprise to be confronted with these facts, since she doesn't remember a thing about that night. At least she doesn't have to worry about how she got pregnant anymore. You following this, or falling asleep yet?Anywho, Maggie accepts the marriage *proposal*, but she still wants to pursue her dream of being a doctor (this is set in the 1870s). Maggie's plan - they marry and head for Colorado, Maggie's father is gifting her the ranch he purchased from Connor's father which becomes the husband's property upon the marriage, they'll apply for a divorce and she can then go to medical school and it's a win-win for everyone.Oh wait, I forgot the bit about Maggie being turned down for medical school, so her plan is to hole up with this reclusive miner who has super awesome medical skill while she's waiting for the divorce. After she learns all his super special skills there's no way the college could turn down her application. Right?Anyone still with me?Top all that off with the evil stepmother hot to get into Connor's pants and stir up trouble between Conner and Maggie, and what a lame twist with the stepmother at the end turning her into a all around good person who really was trying to make everyone happy, just a poor misunderstood person. Gah! I thoroughly enjoyed all three of the recent westerns published by Goodman, and was so tickled to find an older one at the library sale. This might teach me not to be so greedy at the sales. Some books are better left in the past. This is one of them.