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Dark Destiny - Alexandra Lang-Carlin Eugenie Fabre (from the servant class) saves the life of Andre de Varney (son of the local filthy rich lord), and the parents are so grateful they let the two children play together. Fast forward a couple of years and Eugenie has blossomed into a pretty young woman who knows Andre is the love of her life, but self-centered, selfish Andre just sees a pretty girl to kiss when he's visiting the family's country home. The French Revolution is heating up, and our intrepid heroine manages to get darling Andre out of prison and they escape France and set sail for England where Andre hopes to find an old family friend with oodles of money, so he can have pretty clothes again. Andre might think he loves Eugenie, but he loves pretty clothes and parties more, so he's convinced of the need to marry a wealthy heiress, whilst Eugenie is shuffled off to work for a living.I'll spare everyone the painful details, but Eugenie gets herself in a pickle and is thisclose to being deported to New South Wales, but despite getting *saved*, she feels she's destined to start a new life and just like that our seventeen-year-old miss is boarding ship all by herself. And when she gets there, she's got work and property and a wealthy husband in no time. No trouble making the land profitable. No mention of corruption in the military government. Only one dangerous incident with the convict laborers. Pretty much New South Wales with rose-colored glasses. Plus a heroine who is too dumb to see the forest through the trees and recognize a real man who loves her, and forget that whiny jerk Andre.It might not have been so bad except for the wallpaper historical setting, the most irritating of which is no matter what one's social station was, everyone was on first name basis after the first introductions. Every. Single. Time. Pass on this, wish I had. Pretty cover though.