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The Law and Kate Malone - Charlene Sands Northern California, 1868. Being the "saloon keeper's daughter", Kate Malone didn't have many close friends in school, except for Cole Bradshaw. As the two started maturing, that ol' sexual chemistry started to build...Except the saloon burned down and Kate and her mother were forced to leave for greener pastures. Fast forward six years and Kate has returned to Crystal Creek to rebuild the Silver Saddle, but it's not going to be quite so simple since the town has passed an ordinance against saloons and Cole is now Sheriff and he's sworn to uphold the law - even if he has to arrest Kate. That's the basic run-down and the main source of the conflict, although there is a high minded society miss who has no intentions of letting Cole go without a battle. This was very much a *lite* romance, one that would work well as a beach read and/or when you're in the mood for some brain candy. Quick and easy, a bit of sex (fairly tame), a cute kidlet and a HEA at the end.