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Thunder on the Plains - Rosanne Bittner 3.5 starsPowerful businessman Bo Landers has a dream, a dream to build a transcontinental railroad, but first the most practical route across the plains needs to be mapped out, and that’s where half-breed Colt Travis comes into the picture - someone has to guide Landers' huge entourage, an entourage that includes his young daughter Sunny. This being a romance and all you just know Sunny and Colt are going to hit it off, but papa nips that right in the bud – rich young heiresses are not for the likes of Colt. When the trip is over, Sunny and her father return to Chicago to raise the funds and government permissions to build the railroad, and Colt starts a new life without her. You know they’re going to find each other again, but it takes many years and many battles before that happens, and then there’s still the problem of building and maintaining a relationship. Colt is used to life on the plains and isn’t acceptable for Chicago society (nor does he want any part of it), and while Sunny doesn’t care about what her family and society thinks, she’s determined to finish her father’s dream of a transcontinental railroad. That’s the basics, and let me caution you – this book spans a twelve year period and Sunny and Colt are apart more than they are together – you’re going to wait a long time for the first steamy kiss let alone the big payola. While I did enjoy this book and had a hard time putting it down, the repetitiveness of certain phrases drove me batty enough that I started to feel I was being clubbed over the head with it, one time I caught it twice on the same page (would have marked it for the review, but the cat was glued to my chest and couldn't do it without disturbing her). And while the ending was satisfying, it was a bit of a stretch how easily Sunny’s family readily accepted him at last.