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Tangled Dreams - Julie Tetel Andresen This is more or less your basic arranged marriage storyline, Lord Anthony Maddox needs someone to keep his newly inherited estate in order and Marianna Lowth is the one he picks. I think he twists her arm on the marriage choice, but I can't remember the specifics and I'm not going back through to refresh my memory. Marianna moves to the house in Town and is very popular with the *in crowd*, so there's lots and lots of endless parties and social chat to wade through. Anthony is involved in some subterfuge swirling around French refugees in between trying to get new social bills into the House of Lords. Same old, same old formula, although at first I thought there was some hope since the heroine at least acted appropriate to her period and social station and not a foot-stomping Miss. Anthony was a nice broody hero, without being a total ass. By mid-point I was getting bogged down by the endless parties and secondary characters that I couldn't follow. I had planned on slogging through anyway, that is until I got to the big love scene on page 223 and got this:"...the tenderest of treasures in its silken nest"..."the pearl of bliss itself"..."they shuddered together, as if releasing a flock of doves". I yield.