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Covington's Folly - Cindy Holbrook The girl: Chantel Emberly. She and her younger brother Teddy come from a family with a decades long history of gambling (fortunes come and fortunes go). The family home, Covington's Folly, was entailed through the female side of the family by Lady Genevieve, and family legend legend says she hid a fortune away somewhere on the property to keep it out of the hands of her gambling husband. Chantel is the current owner of CF, but Teddy's carrying on the family tradition. He's heavily in debt to a loan shark and being chased by a pair of goons trying to collect. Teddy accepts a box from a mysterious stranger who will pay his debt if he'll keep the box safe for him until he can come to claim it. When the book opens, a tall, dark and ever so mysterious caped man enters Chantel's bedroom in search of the box - but it isn't where it's supposed to beā€¦The guy: Richard St. James, the Earl of Hartford. He's involved somehow with a government investigation into treasonous activities, and the latest clues led him straight to Chantel and Teddy. He doesn't believe they're guilty, but they keep getting mixed up in things they shouldn't be (especially Chantel), and he kidnaps her for her own good and tucks her away safe and sound where she can't get into trouble. Let's just say Chantel escapes her safe place and lands herself right into a very compromising position, and there's not much choice but for Richard to marry her - of course they won't consummate it and they'll wait six months and get an annulment. Hah. "She was wedding a total stranger who had abducted her and was blackmailing her into a false marriage, and at the moment, the only thought in her mind was that she dare not sneeze and disgrace herself!"Funniest wedding night ever. What follows is one of the funniest, map-cap, screwball comedies ever as Chantal and Richard battle their way towards true love and happiness amidst traitors, assassins, a disappearing body (ROFL, even Richard lost it when he was hiding it from Chantal and Teddy), a hidden door opening to a hidden staircase leading to a secret room, a wild hunt for a treasure that may or may not exist, and a ghost. Or was there a ghost? Chantal's brother Teddy was the laugh-out-loud scene stealer in this whole farce. His path to true love and happiness was a joy to watch, from the first meeting (all that food flying off the plates!). Added lols for the pet pigeon named King George and the bird droppings on the goons trying to collect on his gambling debt amidst the midnight elopement.Regencies usually cause me to break out in hives, but I loved this one to bits. A perfect read for when you're in the mood for laughs and a lighter read. Richard and Chantal do smoke up the pages with sexual chemistry, but outside of a few steamy kisses, there's only one sex scene at it's pretty much behind closed doors.