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Sharon's Wicked Awesome Blog Book - Sharon Desruisseaux This is the first of two *books* published by the author containing a reprint of blog posts about her experiences moving to Maine. As far as I can ascertain, these *books* have been published under three different titles, Sharon's Wicked Awesome Blog Book, From Flatlandah to Sheep Fahmah Momma and Masshole to Mainah - all broken into two parts = two books you have to purchase. I obtained a kindle copy when it was offered up as a freebie.Since these blog posts were written over the space of a year or two, there's a lot of repetition with the same stories being told over and over again (like the frozen driveway, the slippery roads and the chimney needing cleaning). Some editing might have been helpful instead of copying and pasting as originally posted, especially cutting out the overuse! of! the! exclamation points! and the lols. The narrative is a bit overly chatty and MarySue-ish, and might not appeal to all readers, YMMV. This book contains posts from a blog about the author's personal life and experiences, and since Goodreads does not allow personal comments about an author in the review space, I am just going to offer up a few quotes I've taken and let potential readers decide for themselves whether the ebook price of $2.99 (each!) or the $38.95 sticker is a worthwhile investment. After all, one could just go and read the blog online...Just sayin'Quotes:The beginning of the dark days I woke up this morning, feeling a little bit better. I have been coasting the flu or something-I feel like it is more like the Bubonic Plague though. Horrid! I work at a place that does not allow sick days so we show up and spread the germs. Anyways, loaded on what I thought was Day-Quil (Turned out to be Nyquil! I had to follow it with my third cup of coffee when I figured that one out!) I drudged outside to find my car in the almost two feet of powdered snow!Well, after finding my car under the mound of snow, I noticed that I had left the back window open! I smoke and since my front driver window does not open, I open the back window on my side-and as usual, I forgot to close it. Well, after shoveling out the outside of my car, I still had to shovel it out on the inside!Our field in Chesterville was known locally as the worst one for black flies! They would swarm from every direction and loved the little ones especially! It was also the muddiest spot around and the clothes of the children here take a beating, with mud. I was told of the three seasons in the mountains of Maine: Snow season, mud season and black fly season! They are not kidding!The roads up here are steep and very mountainous, beautiful granted, but treacherous all the same. On the side of the roads, there are not sidewalks like in the suburbs or anywhere else on this planet, it seems but huge ditches.We have to shut off the outside water spickets soon.I believe that should be spigot.I tend to write long novels; even my texts messages and blogs are long! I'd agree with that last statement. I will be passing on part two.