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All the Golden Promises - Diana Browning 3.5 starsThis is one of those stories that's much too complicated to recap fully, so I'm going to make this review short and sweet. The book centers around three women from different social classes and the friendships that develop between them, each of them using their wit and charm to get a leg up in life (well, Lydia already has lots of money). It begins in 1885 and finishes at the turn of the century. Very slight spoilers in the tags below, I'd only avoid looking if you are currently reading this.While I did enjoy this, it's pretty easy to see where some story lines are going - older husband gets heartburn and a pain in the arm? Heart attack. Older husband building a house outside the city to relax and lo and behold the architect he hires is the wife's long lost true love. A-hole controlling husband seems too possessive over younger sister and sure you betcha you know where that's going.I wouldn't go and drop everything and run out to buy a copy, but if you come across it at a library sale and interested in late 19C New York society it's worth picking up.