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Bygones - Frank Wilkinson 3.5 starsBygones is one of those old-fashioned multi-generational family sagas and begins in the late 1800s and finishes up at the end of WWII, all centered around a well-to-do mainline Philadelphia family. It is much too complication to recap the plot, plus I have to work at work today. Gywneth Evans is a respectable shop-girl who catches the eye of married Benjamin Whisten. It's a love match, but leaving the wife and baby is not the done thing (plus he doesn't want to get cut out of his father's will), so he sets her up as his mistress, but eventually the wife dies in childbirth and she's able to marry her man, but it's an uphill battle winning acceptance into Philadelphia society.The book description is rather misleading, "Gwyneth Evans was an extraordinary woman, with beauty as well as brains, dreams as well as determination.", since while Gwyneth is a strong woman, for the most part she's a wife and mother and not always front and center. I really enjoyed the first half of this novel, especially Ben's slutty sister-in-law Bess - a serious scene stealer. Unfortunately, things dropped off in the latter half as the family got larger and larger and it was hard to keep track of all those cousins. Don't put this down for a couple of days and expect to remember who everyone was.