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Rapture's Crown - Karen Harper DNF review When the book begins, fifteen-year-old Frances Stewart is living at the court of Queen Henrietta Maria in France. Charles Stewart, Duke of Richmond bumps into young Frances when he visits the dowager queen's court and is instantly smitten, and he's still got it bad when Frances comes to England as lady in waiting to Charles II's new queen. Unfortunately, Richmond spends a lot of time running errands for the King, leaving her at court at the mercy of a lusty king. How do you keep an ardent king out of your bed? Well, history says she did, but I didn't care to continue reading to find out how and bailed shortly before page 200. I knew this was a romance going in, but I really do need some sexual chemistry between a romantic pair, and I did not get that here. What I did get was a lot of mind-numbing, club-me-over-the-head descriptions. At least six mentions of pert breasts in 120 pages (I got it the first time), plus we're always being told about her slim waist (I got it the first time) and her finely sculpted neck (paraphrasing here, but I got it the first time). I got it the first time I was told that Richmond has brilliant green eyes with flecks of gold. I didn't particularly care for the way Charles was portrayed, he came across as rather overbearing and stalkerish instead of an ardent suitor (shudders). I was still trying to soldier on, but it was the giggle worthy sex scenes that finally done me in:"Perhaps they were flying now, high above London, sailing in the cloudless heavens like his ship adrift in rapturous seas." "Like a vibrant bloom of silken petals, she opened herself to him at a mere nudge of knee between her soft thighs." *rolls eyes* At least the parrot kept his mouth shut during that carriage ride :D"At last she moved to straighten her gown, tugging it shakily up to cover the pointed nipple he had so expertly ravished."That is when the book flew. I've seen quite a lot of positive reviews for Harper's books, but since this is the second DNF I've had from this author, so I think it's pretty clear she's not meant for me and I'll just move along to other books.