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Looking Glass Years - Jill Gregory Looking Glass Years is set in Pittsburg and Chicago in the late 1800s. Elly Forrest does what she can to hold her family together after her father's death (he was a union activist who came to a bad end). The son of one of the local steel magnates rapes her younger sister, and Elly tries to get him arrested - but all she accomplishes is getting them run out of town. The Forrests move to Chicago where an aunt lives and start a new life trying to put the past behind them. Elly meets two young men with promising futures, but she marries the wrong one. The rest of the books revolves around Elly getting herself out of a bad marriage and her plans to become a successful business woman and finally revenge against that dastardly man who raped her sister. All in all a good, but not great, read. I liked the first half a lot, but things dragged on a bit at the end. I thought the big revenge was a bit of a stretch with all those men cooperating with a female and all.