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Heart of a Hunter - Betty Davidson Spoilers ahoy"His eyes held hers like a stormy sky holds the land in a punising gale." Heart of a Hunter is a sequel to Heart of a Warrior. IIRC, David D'Aubere, a Lancastrian, was the man who smote Richard of York at the Battle of Wakefield, so you can imagine he was never a favorite of Edward IV. This book opens after Edward's death and younger brother Richard is protector for his young nephew. D'Aubere lands will revert to the crown upon his death, so he and wife Riley need to get their only child married ASAP, and Riley will go to any effort to get a marriage contract signed on an old man's deathbed. This is all too complicated to try and explain, but in a nutshell you get tomboy Lynette D'Aubere in true love with her father's grooms and they're set to elope. I guess you know that plan didn't go over well, and she's sent to London to wed Lord Devon Seward (earl of whatever). Lynette gives her escort the slip and escapes into the woods, changes clothes to peasant style (including shoes - she's a barefoot gal) and since she can't marry her groom, she'll find the nearest convent and become a nun. No, I am not kidding.Lord Devon comes to her rescue, but instead of going on horse with a well-armed escort, he comes to the forest dressed like a common hunter with only his knife and bow and arrow for protection. Of course Lynette has no idea this hunk of a hunter is her intended, and sparks are a-flying between the two in no time (she forgot the groom Malcolm pretty darned quick). They wander around in the forest for a day or two swapping steamy kisses and the old trope of swimming nude in the river. Whatever, they finally get back to London, Lynette finds out about the ruse, but she's forced to marry Devon and make the best of it. No surprise, but complications abound. The young king and his brother are locked in the tower and then disappear. Devon is constantly leaving for super secret meetings. Lynette is BFF with the Princess Elizabeth (next in line to the throne after her brothers!), so she gets involved in visiting Bess in sanctuary and passing tokens between Bess and her twu wuv forevar Henry Tudor - good, kind, handsome, dashing Henry. The Henry who will come with an army and rescue young Edward and restore him to the throne Henry.No, I'm not kidding. I think everyone knows what happened to Richard at the battle of Bosworth field, although in this one Henry's a proud warrior who enters the fray and offs R3 with his mighty sword."As Henry's sword sliced through the air, it flashed briefly before disappearing into a spray of blood. Richard's body crumpled to the ground, lifeless and mangled."The historical howlers aside, this was one of the worst written romances I've come across since...the other book in this pair. There really isn't much sexual chemistry between the two, and it wasn't helped by some seriously cheesy sex scenes aided by the heavy handed use of nether lips. "His arousal was already straining against his breeches, demanding that silky warmth that only she could give." "His mouth was soft and sensuous and caused her loins to warm, like a simmering pot needing to be stirred." Be grateful I didn't quote from the sex in the dining hall :DLastly, a boo-hiss to the editors. Shudders instead of shutters. And WTF is horses "naying"?My recommendation is to avoid at all costs, but after looking at this on the inside flap, perhaps it's just me again :p