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Risen Glory - Susan Elizabeth Phillips 3.5 starsNote: this review is based upon the original 1984 edition. It has since been republished as [b:Just Imagine|117366|Just Imagine|Susan Elizabeth Phillips|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348822422s/117366.jpg|2539], and from reading other reviews it sounds like some parts have been revised. I'd have to do a side-by-side comparison to be sure, but life is too short for that. From Bavr's comments on this review it doesn't sound like much has been changed to make it more PC friendly (that's a good thing).The guy. Major Baron Cain was driven from his home at a very young age by his cold-hearted stepmother (same stepmother as Kit had). He drifted from town to town until joining the Union army and came out of the Civil War as a big hero. As the story begins he's retired from the military and supporting himself as a bit of a professional gambler in New York.The girl. Katharine (Kit) Louise Weston had an uncaring father and a witch for a step-mother and was refused entrance to Risen Glory, the Weston's South Carolina plantation. Allowed to run free with no female supervision outside of the slaves, Kit is a wildcat and tomboy. Her father died in the war and left her beloved home to the wicked stepmother, who in turn dies of influenza and leaves it all to her stepson, and appoints him as Kit's guardian. When the story begins, Kit has come to New York in boy's clothing determined to kill Cain so she can regain her beloved home.My thoughts? It was a fairly good read, even with the author throwing just about every trope known to romance. I did fine things dragging on a bit too long at the end. If they would have just talked to each other and said I love you. Argh. I also thought the sub-story of Sophronia and Magnus a bit of a slog and ended up skimming towards the end. I'm not sure how the newer version of this book reads, but Cain was an awful domineering ass at times (typical of your 80s romances), and I did want to slap Kit silly for not seeing the forest through the trees. Still, I couldn't put the book down. I'd recommend this for fans of the older BRs, but not for today's more PC minded readers. I doubt they'd warm up much to Cain.