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Warrick - Marilyn Harris From the hardcover jacket:They were told Tyburn Warrick was dying. So they came to Warrick, the great, sprawling estate, not to comfort but to wait. This was the man who had wild-catted his way to become one of the country's riches oil barons, the man who had built a vast empire out of tyranny and power. And he was the man each of them despised, feared, loved, and respected for reasons that lay buried deep within their hearts.Warrick is set in the 1980s, and there's a large cast of characters that come *together* to wait for the great man to die and see who inherits what. Grandchildren, old friends from Ty's wildcatting days, and even a high profile preacher (lol at the Faith-O-Mat) who has his minions installed everywhere in the great mansion. This being a Marilyn Harris novel and all, you know there's going to be a few twists and turns (and there were), but honestly they fell a bit short for me. I was hoping for something more gothicky, and one twist was a bit too *eewww* for my tastes. It worked in [b:The Eden Passion|8590392|The Eden Passion (Eden, #3)|Marilyn Harris|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1319821084s/8590392.jpg|2603424], but IMHO it didn't come off well here.. I'd also caution potential readers that there is a lot of un-PC language in this book (one of Ty's grandchildren is gay), so is you're kinda squeamish this likely isn't the book for you. All in all it's not a bad book, and I was interested enough to finish, but it's not the Marilyn Harris I came to love in the first five books in her Eden series. Not by a long shot.