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Snare of Serpents - Victoria Holt Snare of Serpents is pretty much your usual Victoria Holt suspense novel with heroine in peril, etc. etc. Davina Glentyre's peaceful life in Edinburgh is rocked when her beloved governess is fired for stealing and in comes a younger, prettier governess. A governess who ends up marrying her widowed father. A widowed father who ends up dead from arsenic poisoning. Being a typical Holt novel, Davina is the one who gets the blame ('course she's innocent), put on trial and found "Not Proven" - a stigma that's not so easy to live with. FF and Davina eventually decides to start life again in South Africa where no one will whisper those dreaded words behind her back. Hah.This was an OK read, but it did lag at times when the storyline could have moved along a bit faster. Most of the twists and turns were fairly easy to guess well before the big reveal, and it took waaaaaaaaay too long to wrap things up at the end.