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The Immortal Scrolls - Kristin Secorsky 3/24/13. This is not a review of the book, but some clarification of my putting this book on my *no-thank-you* shelf after a screen grab of it showed up on that vile website that shall not be named or linked to. If you must go there, it is the March 20 post called "Bully Attacks This Week". I understand that these comments in the review section may be outside GR's TOS, so feel free to complain to them and let them decide. I can always copy and paste it into the comments. I use my *no-thank-you* shelf for a variety of reasons - anything from tracking dejavu book covers (can't make the dejavu shelf exclusive, since some of my to read/read books qualify for that shelf), ass-hatted authors, mash-up books I won't read but want to get on the feeds to talk about, etc. In the case of this book it was a freebie that didn't appeal to me, but I wanted it on the feeds in case my friends might be interested, and this is the shelf I choose to put those freebies. I usually also add the *not-my-cuppa-tea* shelf to clarify, but I was busy and forgot. Excuse me. I might add that if *whoever* it was that got their nose out of joint and/or made the wrong assumption, if they had clicked on the comment everything would have been crystal clear - I wasn't shelving it to pick on the author - I was shelving it to put it on the feeds in case my friends were interested. This all happened over a month ago, and the book long forgotten, until a new post from that site that shall not be mentioned shows up in my reader talking about this review. That blog post continued with screen grabs of other GR members shelving the book, including one I allegedly did. Never having come across this book and/or author before, I was scratching my head, especially when I pulled up the book on GR and I hadn't shelved it. Noting the date stamp on the screen grab, I went to my *no-thank-you* shelf (click for image) and found I'd shelved three books on that date, and since the other two had more than one shelf, I'm guessing that has to be where the screen grab was taken, and leaves me scratching my head. The review linked above is for a completely different book/author, let alone that the bulk of the comments and shelvings for this other book are have March dates, long after I had shelved this book. Good to know that if I'm going to be one of the meanies I was well ahead of the rest of them :P