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The Proposition (Harlequin Historical) - Kate Bridges Alberta, Canada 1892The guy: Canadian Mountie Travis Reid. He lost his wife a year ago when she fell off her horse, and he's still carrying a world of butt-hurt. He wants nothing to do with oh-so-spoiled Jessica Haven. The girl: Jessica Haven has just returned to town after being sent off to *finishing school* (that's what everyone in town believes), but where she really went was to a home for unwed mothers. Her baby dead (supposedly), Jessica is now writing for a medical journal and hunting down a disreputable *doctor* who she believes is scamming innocent people. Her investigation has lead her to a remote town in the mountains, and only Mountie Travis Reid can take her there. Travis says no, but since daddy's the mayor Jessica pulls a few strings and gets her way. She'll have to bring the family butler along as chaperon though (no, I'm not kidding).That's the basic run down and this being a romance and all you know there'll be sparks a-flying along the trail despite their mutual dislike for each other. The story premise was a promising one, but unfortunately I didn't warm up much to either character. There are a couple of sex scenes, and while not too extreme, they were rather giggle worthy. Especially this one:"Beg me for my tongue.""Give me your tongue, Travis. Bury it inside of me."Apparently this is part of a series and the rest focus on Travis's brothers. I'll be passing on that ride.