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Her Sister's Keeper - Linda Barlow The Trevors and the Carnes - two families with a grudge that goes back generations. Legend has it that the curse will only end when a Carne and a Trevor can make a love match and bear a child together. The current generation of Trevors (the *haves*) are Verity and Bret, and while devoted to each other the sisters have very different goals in life. Verity wants to run the clay mine in Cornwall, and Bret flits around between men, art, nursing during The Great War - it doesn't matter as long as she can be the "intrepid heroine" of her childhood dreams.And then there's the Carnes, the *have nots*, who blame the Trevors for tricking them out of land rightly theirs, and little left but to labor in one of the local china clay mines and brood and wait and plan revenge - and Daniel Carne will get it one way or another. Or will love bite him hard?Hmmmm?Not telling, but I did enjoy this one a lot, and there were plenty of twists and turns along the way. I wouldn't read this as a straight romance, while there are some romantic elements, there's a lot of details about the china trade and manufacturing, as well as the early days of aviation and aviators.