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Ever After - Elswyth Thane Ever After is the third book in Thane's Williamsburg series, and begins in 1896. Bracken Murray (son of Cabot and Eden in Yankee Stranger), married the wrong woman, and she's left him for a wealthier lover and living the high life somewhere on the continent. Bracken journeys to England with his aunt and sister, and while there sets eyes on fifteen-year-old Dinah, youngest daughter of the Earl of something or other (book's at home), and he knows she is the one he will love until he dies. Problem is, she's still in the schoolroom with her governess, and a non-entity as far as her family is concerned until she's officially *out*. Bracken knows he's got to wait a couple of years before he can even speak for her..."Must go slowly. Must behave like an uncle. Has she got uncles? ...How long must I wait? How careful must I be?""Some day he would put the chain around Dinah's neck himself, and when that day came he would also be entitled, please God, to collect a kiss as his reward" And even when Dinah is grown up, there's still the philandering wife to be dealt with - even with hard evidence of adultery, divorces aren't that easy to get...There are also side stories with cousin Fritz and his love of music and a singer from *gasp* the wrong side of the tracks, as well as Bracken's sister and one of Dinah's older brothers. I really enjoyed this book a lot, especially getting to see more of the extended Sprague & Day families (oh sniff, Sue and Sedgewick). The events in Cuba feel a bit flat for me (skimmed a bit), but I loved the return to England and Dinah and the big finish (what a man, I'd love a Bracken of my very own). I've already placed a hold at the library for the next book in the series.One final comment and that is for a cover image I found on Amazon. WTF were the publishers thinking?