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Almost an Angel - Jade Lee "James Oliver Henry Northram, Earl of Traynern, did not like surprises."Well too bad, 'cause James got himself a big one when he was out riding one day and found a young woman beaten within an inch of her life. He brings her home, calls in the doctor and all that good Samaritan stuff, but he's in for a huge surprise when she wakes up - Carolly, or Caro or Carolyn (her memory is a bit dodgy-that's part of the mystery), claims she's an angel-in-training and has been reincarnated several times as she works her way towards earning her angel's wings. "I'm an angel, James. And I'm here to help you find love." That's about all you need to know, I don't like to give the whole thing away. The author throws in enough red herrings to keep the reader guessing whether Carolly really is what she claims, or is she off her rocker entirely? Is she the woman who recently escaped from a near-by asylum? Inquiring minds want to know..."Oh, yes," continued Margaret, clearly imparting as much outrageous gossip as possible. "Henry, the footman, overheard you telling Uncle you were an angel, but Miss Hornswallow says you are just a cheap tart. Cook thinks you are a tart, too. One who has been beaten many times about the head." Yes this is fluff, but it was fun fluff and very funny at times. One of my favorites is Carolly trying to recall one of her lives in 2025 and recalls some restaurant called McDon something or other:"Tell me about McDon," he tried. "He's a clown with big red feet that panders to kids while secretly hardening their arteries."Lol. I do have to note that there were a few typos and formatting errors (hard returns in the middle of a sentence), many instead of marry, mote instead of more, but not enough to distract from the story. Apparently this is part of series and I'm not sure how the books are connected, but this read well on its own.