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The Garden Path (Harlequin Historical, # 120) - Kristie Knight "His fiance was dead, his best friend was dead, his brother could be hanged for murder-all because of a man from Charleston." The girl: Thalia Freemont was raised by her aunt and uncle, and upon their deaths inherited their plantation (she can run it as well as any man could). She's currently the ward of her hard-drinking, hard-gambling wastrel older brother. He needs money bad and Thalia's the key to getting it by marrying her off to his wealthy drinking and gambling buddy. Thalia says over my dead body to that plan.The guy: Justin was falsely blamed for his fiancée's suicide and challenged to a duel by her brother and best-friend. The duel doesn't go how it should (not Justin's fault), but he takes the blame for the death of his friend - the only way to prove his innocence is to find the man who impregnated and abandoned his fiancée. He adopts the surname Lionheart and goes under cover as one of Charleston's favorite dashing sea captains, waiting for the right moment to catch his man.*Yawn*Sorry, but this was a bit of a mess. No real sexual chemistry between our pair, the baddies were all really bad, boorish, insensitive clods. The story had possibility, but it just dragged on and on and on and on until a big tah-dah out of nowhere. *Yawn*If ya'll like wall-paper historicals with well-bred Misses who can go anywhere unattended and nary an eyebrow raised, this might suit. Everyone else, give it a miss.