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The Light Heart - Elswyth Thane The most terrible story the world had ever seen was being enacted in France and England, and Phoebe Sprague was three thousand miles away."This is the fourth book in an ongoing series about the Day/Sprague families of Williamsburg Virginia. This volume opens in 1902 and finishes off towards the end of WWI, and even puts one character right on the Lusitania. I've left too much time lapse between finishing and trying to write a review, and I don't think I can recap it properly, but there are two couples who were meant to be together, but events intervene and the wrong marriages are made, and it's a long road to see if they get a HEA or not. I really liked the relationship between Phoebe and Oliver (sigh), and Thane really kept me on pins and needles until the very last page. Well worth a read, but be advised this should be read in series order, and I would not recommend as a standalone. Even with the family tree at the front, the Sprague/Day families and all those cousins marrying do make it difficult to keep track of it all.