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The Flash of the Firefly - Parris Afton Bonds ***SPOILERS AHOY*** You have been warned.Our intrepid heroine is one Anne McLennan, who travels to Texas in 1838 to join her husband, Otto Maren. Otto's a Bible-thumping preacher and he's out in the wilds of Texas with a bunch of fellow German immigrants setting up a new homestead. Why this spoiled young miss from Barbados (or whatever island it was) married such a man is beyond me, but that's the story…Anne's ship was delayed by weather and not-so-sensitive Otto and Co. went on without her, so she's in need of someone to escort her to her husband - enter scout Brant Powers. No surprises, but the two don't get along very well, especially since our spoiled and oh-so-self-centered heroine doesn't take orders like don't wander off by yourself if you don't want to get bit by crocodiles and/or man-eatin' injins. More stuff like that, until Anne's finally delivered to her husband's not-so-loving arms (he likes her body though).Poor Anne. Out in the middle of nowhere with a bible thumping husband, and all she can dream of is being in the arms of Sir Colin Donovan, who she's been in love with since she was ten and she's sure he's gonna come and rescue her from her boring husband and whisk her away from the bad, mean world.Well, to make a long story short, the village is set upon by a savage band of Indians, and Anne is taken captive by the chief's son and held as a slave and sexual banging board for months until it's time for Brant to come to the rescue. Or is he her knight in shining armor? Hmmmm?"The little idiot! She was always asking for trouble. Bringing death to every man she slept with. Maren, Pa-ha-yu- quosh, himself nearly, and God knew how many more there might be."OK, enough spoiling. If you've read enough of these older bodice rippers, you can probably guess the rest of what's coming, because there are no surprises. None. Only in bodice ripper land can a heroine miscarry at six months out in the fields, bind herself, get on a horse and ride hundreds of miles alone through the wilderness, dodging evil baddies and injins without a scratch on her. No, I am not kidding."Alone she had traveled over a hundred miles through Indian country. She had survived cold, hunger, and a miscarriage, sleeping only in snatches, afraid to relax her guard—though one night she had slept safely in the hollow of a lightning-struck oak, while a panther screamed in the distance like a baby—and at that thought, the ache that was not physical began again. The loss of the baby was another mark that life had imposed upon the girl, who had arrived in Texas as unmarred as if she had just been broken from a mold. " OK, so I like the older romances as much as the rest of you, but unfortunately Anne was just too self-centered and not very likeable. Sir Colin deserved her, Brant didn't. I might have ended up giving this an OK three star not bad for a rainy afternoon kind of read, but this new Kindle version has formatting errors that cannot be ignored. I obtained it via a freebie sale, but I'd be a might ticked off if I had paid full price. You be the judge."But now, the gratification of this childish whim had tom her from everything she had held dear.""She turned her head slowly to eyed the girl." "When he left to tend the horse, she hungrily put the rest of the beams in her mouth, chewing them until they were pulpy, savoring the bitter flavor on her tongue. ""At first the Ups only brushed hers, like butterfly wings."Knocking off a half star for the typos, 2.5 rounded up to three stars.