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The Shadow Prince - Terence Morgan "Legitimate but dead; that's Tudor's route."The Shadow Prince is a what-if novel based upon the mystery of what happened to the sons of Edward IV, and whether Perkin Warbeck was one of the lost princes. Those familiar with this history know the drill and don't need it rehashed. For those new to the Perkin Warbeck story, the description on the back is sufficient. I have two reviews to write, floors to clean and books to read :PI thought the what-if method gave the author a lot more leeway to imagine what might have been than an author could with a standard historical novel. There was a bit of an adventure about 1/3 of the way through where I was feeling a bit lost (can't be more specific without huge spoilers), but soldier on, because it makes sense at the end. Thumbs up to the author for giving some balance to Henry VII (no gleeful rubbing of hands over his treasury, nor drinking the blood of sanguine young men to be found here); and thank the Lord, young Henry is not written as a raging sociopath like he was portrayed by another historical fiction author whom I shall not name. Perkin/Richard is not a sugar-coated Richard-Sue, but he's not always the strongest character ever - given his upbringing and lack of military training that's not surprising. I do have a few minor quibbles, mostly with the narrative, but then I'm not terribly fond of first person - so my quibbles might not be quibbles for other readers. YMMV. There were times in the book when the Perkin/Richard is talking to himself and it sounded a bit off key. Like this:"If I was to sway men to my side then I had to have more than just the look of Edward IV - I had to be a prince in all things."Wouldn't he just say father? My second quibble is people being addressed and/or spoken of in day-to-day conversations by their historical titles. Edward IV, Henry VII, etc. Granted, not all readers are going to know going in who is what king, but IMHO a list of historical characters at the front would have been preferable. But then, since Philippa Gregory gets away with it...Best quote and I can't give you much about the circumstances behind the scene without spoiling:"And because we have so many copies, it should be clear that there is no point in trying to destroy it. It's no Titulus Regulus then?:DI was prepared to knock off 1/2 star for the quibbles with the narrative, but the twists at the end raised the bar back up to four stars. My copy obtained via library loan.