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Whispers of Passion - Sandra Dubay 2.5 starsVirginia, 1756. Jasmine DuPre is madly in love with the neighbor's son, Barrett Paxton and the two hope to marry as soon as she's old enough. Jasmine's mother has other ideas - since she had to marry beneath her, Jasmine's going have the *dream* marriage that mommie dearest lost out on. Sooooooooooooo, the lovers are split up and Jasmine is married off to the much older (and colder!) Marquis de Saint-Antoine - and since he's insulted Madame Pompadour and been banished from court, Jasmine can't even console her dreary life with days at court and pretty dresses - she's stuck in the country with a husband who treats her like a child and humps her mother instead (he only wants her for begetting an heir). Jasmine does finally make her escape (the trusting fool), and ends up down on her luck with a stint as a kitchen maid fending off the lusty innkeeper before she's rescued by Casanova himself and brought to Paris. Once she's spiffed up she's brought to court where she catches the eye of Lusty Louis, who is determined to make her his next #1 mistress.This is a light, easy to read romance. There were some fun twists and turns, but generally fairly predictable. Jasmine's one of those heroines you just want to smack some sense into, so that might be a deal-breaker for some readers. Jasmine does do a lot of bed hopping (but then so does her mother/grandmother/the valet and everyone else), but the sex is fairly tame. More of the behind closed doors with little details. I wouldn't go running out to find a copy, but if you pick up one on the cheap and have a few hours to kill, go for it.