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A Summer Folly - Mary Kingsley "In the space of a few moments, her world had fallen to pieces. She was, after all, just another summer folly."The guy: Giles Templeton, the Duke of Tremont. Seven years ago he was madly in love with Anne (sorry, I forgot her last name, and the book's at home), and they were set to marry - until Anne jilted him and ran off with his cousin. Since then, he's devoted himself to family and duty and is generally a bit of a stick-in-the-mud. The girl: Anne Templeton is now widowed with a young son, and Giles was appointed as guardian of the child. Anne would rather stay and run the plantation on Jamaica she inherited from her husband, but Giles has ordered them home. It's a rocky start settling into the Templeton castle, but then the Giles and family are called to Brighton for the summer at Prinny's request, and even stuffy old Giles can't find an excuse to get out of that invitation. Will the old magic still be there between the two? Can they get past the events that led to Anne's running off with the cousin? I like this a lot, and considering Regencies usually have me breaking out in hives that says a lot. This is an older Zebra (but now available on Kindle), so it was a refreshing change from the standard Regency format so popular these days. No rakehell with a wounded past and a war wound to boot in need of a spinster heroine to heal his butt-hurt. No sex-in-the-carriage, frankly no sex at all. There's a nice little mystery about a ghost in the rented house (or is it really a ghost), as well as finding out who manipulated events to break Giles and Anne up in the first place.