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The Last Casquette Girl - Lorena Dureau 3.5 starsEverywhere there was talk of a new convent being built for the Ursulines in the Louisiana Colony and of a special shipment of young brides being sent to the settlers there.And one of those brides is Charlotte, who is fleeing marriage to an odious man her aunt has arranged for her. It's a bit rocky getting there, what with pirate attacks on the high sea, and the dangerous journey up the river to New Orleans (guided by an oh-so-handsome guide who only has eyes for Charlotte), but the ladies finally arrive and have their pick of the men. Charlotte catches the eye of one of the choicest men in town, but she's wary of committing before she's really, really sure...And then that handsome scout comes back to town and set his cap for Charlotte as well. That's the basic set-up. There are some tense moments with a fire, a thieving trapper, injun trouble and what-not, but the gist of the story revolves around Charlotte and would-you-please-make-up-your-mind-already. The old New Orleans setting was a nice treat, as they're fairly hard to find in romances. The setting had a good historical feel, and despite my poking a bit of fun at Charlotte, I did enjoy this. My one big quibble is the typos/conversion errors in my Kindle edition- there were way too many of them. "Jt" instead of it. "Gril" instead of girl. "Sehort" instead of short. I forgot to mark it, but I'm fairly positive one time Pierre was Perrier. Oops.