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Inherit the Sun - Maxwell Grant "So this was Central Australia."Inherit the Sun is centered around two generations of the Carylon family and the homestead they built in Australia's Northern Territory. The book begins in 1896 with the arrival of the bushman Mac Carlyon and his bride as they carve out a new homestead in the wilderness - but can they make the cattle ranch pay? The latter part of the book is centered around their son big "Red", and how he uses the territory's resources for huge financial gains - but can he hold onto them in the end?While I wouldn't call this a drop-everything-you're-doing-and-go-out-and-order-a-copy kind of book, it definitely kept my interest and had a hard time putting it down. The author does an excellent job of putting the reader into the Australian Outback and all the dangers that come with trying to brave the heat, desert, crocs and more. *shudders*I learned quite a few new factoids, e.g. Camels were imported for travel across the desert (J says there's still feral camels running loose), and the Japanese bombing of Australia in 1942 to name two. I thought the author's use of Red's financial wheeling and dealing an excellent way to put the reader front and center with the industrial growth of Darwin, as well as the eventual decline. Recommended for those interested in Australia history, and despite the cover, there's not a strong romantic element, so this should suit a male reader nicely.