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Gentle Fury - Maura Seger Oh how to review this mess of a book?The girl: Ti Bennett and her two younger sisters have been minding the Texas ranch whilst their father is off serving as a General in the Union army. The Bennett family is originally from Philadelphia, I can't recollect if it was explained how this Yankee family ended up in Texas. Anywho, before General Bennett went off to war, he taught his girls how to shoot and fight and be real soldiers so's they could protect the homestead from those nasty Confederates.The guy: Arren Barkley, is a Union soldier who comes to the ranch with a letter from the General telling the girls he's to drive the cattle to California for the troops there. Don't ask me to explain why, because I can't - it's just what it is. Arren's immediately drawn to the lovely Ti (oh, and see if you can guess what her real name is), but things get complicated when she's convinced he's a traitor and spy in cahoots with the Confederates - and she'll just have to follow on the trail behind him (all by herself!).Only recommended for readers who are fans of wallpaper romances with a heroine who takes baths twice a day, swears like a sailor and has explosive sex with her hero anywhere and everywhere without an eyebrow being raised by anyone.