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The Traitors - William Stuart Long The Traitors is the third is a fairly long series commonly referred to as The Australians. Former convict Jenny Taggert is back, still trying to make a go of the land; but prices are sky high after the flooding of the Hawkesbury River, and currency is in short supply, making rum the *coin of the realm* with The Rum Corps keeping that commodity fully under control (really, it's too hard to explain, go to the Wiki link if you want to know more). The old governor is out, and William Bligh is in (yes, that William Bligh), and he's set on changing a few things, and the boys in the Rum Corps are not thrilled about Bligh's new policies. I did enjoy this book, and plan to continue the series, but as important as this bit of history is, I found it a bit boring with too many *cast members* and I lost track of them at times - YMMV. I very much enjoyed the parts that focused and Jenny and family or the dastardly Reverend Boskenna (he's a bad 'un) were a lot more entertaining. So, three stars for the Rum Corps and four for Jenny & family rounded out to 3.5 stars.