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Tyler's Woman - Linda Sandifer Spoilers ahoy.You have been warned.The girl: Roseanne McVey, twenty-two and ready to take on the world instead of being the proper mistress of the house her father expects. What with the conflicts between the north and south and all, cattle prices in the east are in the toilet, so the McVeys decide to drive a herd on up to Denver, a young city flush with gold. The guy: After the evil baddies murdered his wife and father, Tyler Chanson and his brothers have been on a mission to hunt them down – no matter how long it takes. It took a few years, but eventually they found and hanged all of them but one. Tyler’s brothers have joined the rebel army, and with trail gone cold, Tyler decides to visit the family’s old homestead in Texas, and he decides to ride along with Roseanne’s father to Denver.OK, so I mentioned Roseanne wanted to take on the world and not be stuck taking care of the home-front, right? What better way to get a little adventure than to get some men’s clothes, disguise herself as one of the vaqueros and tag along behind the men on the three month trail ride to Denver. All. By. Herself. No worrying about sleeping out at night alone, or renegade Indians or anything else like that. Did I mention she was able to pack her pretty dresses along for the ride? Don’t worry, Roseanne is not alone for long ‘cause Tyler spots her lickety split and they’re doing the horizontal mumbo jumbo in no time. Even after Roseanne’s deception is revealed and she joins the main camp, they’re sneaking off to do it and no one notices or raises an eyebrow. Of course, now that she’s joined the camp, she’s pitching in and pulling her weight doing her share of the chores. All the men just accept her as one of the team (I am not kidding). Any hoo, events happen when Tyler gets a lead on his man and leaves Roseanne in the lurch (she hates him now, thinking he never cared), and her father is killed during a stampede and lightning storm, so Roseanne is left to carry on and get the herd to Denver and get the herd sold and then back home to Texas. But now there’s a bun in the oven so she’ll have to wait to head home until after the happy event, so she starts up a new ranch outside Denver, and continues her perpetual pity party over that meanie Tyler caring more about getting his man than about her.That’s enough recaps for me, this is too painful going through it all over again. Now I like Western romances, and I really don’t mind a bit of brain candy on occasion, but I still expect likable characters, as well as characters who act appropriate to the time period and their station in life, and Roseanne is just not one of them. She’s a foot-stomping, thoroughly-modern-independent-minded-Miss of the worst kind. Tyler was a bit more sympathetic, but he really didn't make it high enough in the hero score to make things palatable. And then there was the Big Misunderstanding that dragged on and on and on and on.Give this one a pass, it’s only getting two stars from me because I finished it.