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Love's Promised Land - Diana Haviland How to review a book a week later when it's already fading into distant memory?The basic run down:Shannon Cavanaugh is the by-blow of a wealthy Alabama plantation owner, and was sent to school in the north until daddy dearest died and the funds were cut off by the widow. She returns home to stay with her aunt and help her run the tavern owned by the aunt's new husband (he's a mean-un). There are two men in her life - Bruce, the up-to-his-ears-in-debt plantation owner who lusts after Shannon's luscious body; and Adam, a self-made man who also lusts after Shannon's luscious body. Shannon lusts after Bruce and the gentle plantation life she thinks he'll give her when he marries her (fool!), and sees Adam as nothing more than a good friend (fool!).Events happen that take all three to California via Panama, where a good portion of the story takes place, until events take everyone back east as war between the states breaks out. *yawn*This actually started fairly well, I was envisioning a Brett Butler/Ashley Wilkes kind of triangle, even though Shannon isn't exactly in Scarlett's league. I liked the events in Panama, and the California bits (warning - while not dealt with in excruciating detail, there is a gang rape and might offend some readers), but the antics of Shannon's spoiled half-sister (the legitimate one) really stretched the credulity factor. Not great, but not bad either.