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Midnight Marriage (Roxton Series #2) - Lucinda Brant "Marriages did not happen in the dead of night, between strangers. And they certainly did not happen in nightgowns after taking a measured dose of laudanum." The bride was twelve, and sent back to the nursery with no memory of the the wedding. The groom was in disgrace and very, very drunk. After the ceremony he was banished to the continent for the Grand Tour until it was time to return and claim his brideā€¦And that's really all I want to tell you, I don't want to spoil the fun. I loved this to bits and had a hard time putting it down (damn that book sale that got in the way). I love the way Julian and Deb first meet as strangers, and according to the author based on real couple who were married young, separated and when the groom returned he unknowingly fell in love with his own wife. Julian and Deb definitely share plenty of chemistry, but while they steam up the pages the sex is on the tamer side. Not a bad thing in my book, but as always YMMV. Midnight Marriage is actually the second book in a trilogy, but stands well enough on its own. FTC disclosure: Kindle freebie.