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Fallen Women - Sandra Dallas "She was a girl from one of New York's wealthiest families, and she ended up dead in a whorehouse." (Quote from ARC)Denver, Colorado 1885. New York socialite Beret Osmundsen comes to sort out the murder of her younger sister - how did Lillie go from being a well-bred young miss in the care of her aunt and uncle to working in a high-class whore house? Beret's *investigation* puts her in the path of detective Mick McCauley and the two work together as they follow the clues to solving the murder. This being a mystery and all you know there's going to be lots of dead ends, red herrings and maybe another murder or two keep the reader guessing and turning the pages. About those red herrings...From reading other reviews it's clear I'm in the minority, but I pretty much guessed the gist of the big tah-dah by page 52 according to my notes, although I was slightly off the mark (can't say more without spoiling). I never really bought into any of many suspects thrown in my reading path, nor was I warm up much to Beret and Mick as a couple. Not great, but not bad either. YMMV.